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Moving Zen: Karate as a Way to Gentleness

20 January 2019

Greeting from the mountains of northern Nagano. I am C.W.Nicol, and I came to Japan for the first time in 1962 to study Karate. In 1965 I became a marine mammal technician with the Fisheries Research Board of Canada, Arctic Unit, based in Montreal. By this time I had gained my first dan black belt in Japan. In Canada, when not doing field work in the arctic, I continued to practise Karate and helped to teach beginners in the evenings. From that time on Karate has been my ‘way.’ In Canada, after Karate practise, whether it was in Montreal, Winnipeg or Vancouver, it was a ritual to gather and have a few beers. I would always tell stories of those wonderful early two and a half years in Japan. My Karate buddies encouraged me to write it down, and the result was ‘Moving Zen.’
To my surprise, ‘Moving Zen’ became an international best seller (and one of the most pirated books in the world). Now I am a Japanese citizen, and I continue to write, and to dodder about in my own dojo. Martial arts in general and Karate in particular has gained me so many friends and has enriched and enabled my life. May I please share a little of it with you?
C.W. Nicol

Moving Zen is now available for Kindle: Buy Now.

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