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The Afan Woodland Trust now has over 30 hectares of woodland with an additional 27 hectares of government owned land under its management. Uncle Nic has slowly stripped out all the non-indigenous species such as fast growing pine, clearing out the sickly and dense growth to let the light back to the forest floor. The result is a naturally balanced and bio-diverse habitat like the natural woodlands that were there before humans started to take their toll. 52 endangered species of plants, birds and animals have since returned to the woodland plus countless other species that naturally call the woodland home. The Afan Woodland Trust now belongs to the people of Japan and is a UNESCO Japan Heritage for the Future site. The visitors centre regularly hosts inner city children to teach them the importance of the forest.

Uncle Nic


Long time Japanese resident and citizen since 1995. Adventurer, author, television personality and ardent conservationist. The founder and trustee of the Afan Woodland Conservation Trust in Kurohime, Nagano in the Japanese Alps. Received his MBE for services to Nature from Prince Charles.

Afan Woodland